as i have only felted once before and still very clueless with it i thought id ask you guys before i possibley ruined a scarf i’ve knitted for my mum.

its a simple 3 cable scarf in 90% wool, cant remember what its mixed with (no label on any skein and i bought about 6 different types).

if i felt it will i loose the cable pattern please? i dont want to have spent the time doing the cable for it to be lost for ever.

i just love the look of felted now, kinda a new addiction i think as i’m making everything to big and doing it to it :yay:

thank you again


I think it would depend on the cable pattern. I did a search on Ravelry and found some patterns that were felted cables. These are just a few but they might give you an idea of what your scarf would look like.


Alternatively you could knit a small swatch with the yarn and cable pattern and felt it to see how it would work.

Good Luck!

I would be very careful when felting cable. I can see where it might give a nice finished touch to a project, but you don’t want it to shrink up too much. Plus, with felting, you lose stitch definition…something that cabling shows off very well.

thats what i was wonderign about tbh. the only thing i’ve felted so far is the bag we made in christine’s class and i just loved the finish of it.

looking at the pictures on ravelry i dont think it would come out very well. its a stash scarf so i dont have the spare yarn to test it. i think i’ll leave feltin g it tbh. it looks fine as is.

thank you both :thumbsup: