I am working on an Easter project that requires felting. I have felted before successfully but I then had a top loader washer. I now have a front loader. They use much less water and don’t really agitate like the top loaders.

My question is will this machine felt my piece OK? Has anyone felted using a front loader?

Thanks in advance!


If you had the water on low, hot and put in a couple pairs of jeans you’d probably get the agitation you need. I think the biggest problem people have with front loaders is that they can’t open the door to check the progress. Some yarns/projects don’t require much felting time and with a front loader (at least some of them) you have to leave it in for the whole cycle. I don’t know the answer to this because I still have a top loader, but I know many here have front loaders now.

I’ve felted in both mine and my mom’s front loader. My mom’s was easier b/c I could open the door mid-cycle. Mine, I have to end the cycle and wait for the door to unlock before I can check it. It took quite a while, too, but it did work.

I have felted in my front loader too. I think it takes a little longer than top loaders b/c of the low aggitation, but it does work. I add a pair of jeans and an old pair of tennish shoes when felting. My machine is funky - sometimes I can check it mid cycle and other times it won’t let me. Still haven’t figured that one out.