how do people get their felt to look like this?
is it just a matter of shaving it?
everything I felted came out looking [I]horrible[/I] except for one thing. I would rather it looked like this but I don’t want to ruin it too. mine is also brown sheep lamb’s pride but - how do I know if I shave it whether it will end up looking better or worse?

Did you ask her about it? I would send her a PM and/or comment and see what she says.

Different yarns felt differently. Some are fuzzier than others, some faster, some slower, etc. When in doubt felt a swatch and see what it looks like. You could also shave the swatch to see if that gives you a look you like.

I always shave my felt work when finished. It can take a while, abt 1hr, to shave a pair of slippers but it is worth the effort. I use a disposable don’t think my DH would be thrilled if he went to work with wool fibres over his face.:wink:

That is a beautiful bag. Thanks for pointing it out.

Could you use one of those sweater shavers or doesn’t that get as close? Something like these - http://www.google.com/products?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rls=GGLR,GGLR:2005-42,GGLR:en&q=sweater+shaver&um=1 is what I’m thinking about.

I used up all the yarn that I had in those colors.
Do you think even if the color is different if I made a swatch in the same stitch using lamb’s pride it would look almost the same as the other?

I would think you’d get results that are very similar. I’ve heard that very light colors don’t felt quite as well, but otherwise it should be pretty much the same.

I never thought to shave it. Good idea!

I think she must have shaved it to give it that “sueded” appearance. I posted a comment to her, and told her that everyone all over the place is IN LOVE with her bag, and told her we are all excited about how she achieved the “sueded” finish. Maybe she will post a reply to me. If so, I will pass along the info. She sure has nice photos of the bag! Did you notice that she lined it, too??

You guys are all teasing me! :fingerwag: I can’t follow the link because “5115 people are ahead of you in line.” :pout:

I’ve never heard of shaving yarn, so I’m curious as to what this item looks like! :blush:

I have felted a couple of purses… and they looked like this and I didn’t shave them. The yarn just wasn’t fuzzy when it felted… now, [B]on the other hand… some of the other ones were ‘bunny fuzzy’… when I finished with them.[/B] :aww:

I realised 2 days ago (sometimes my brain only runs like molasses) that I could also shave the inside of my bag without doing any real damage, so if anyone wants to see the results of amateur night I will post them on ravelry (and here if you want it) as soon as it dries. it’s reshaping at the moment.
artlady - I know! drool, drool.
speaking of which, my next Q was actually whether anyone had any recommendations on hand sewing techniques books. I have no sewing machine but really want a lining too.
i’dratherbe… - do you remember what yarn you used?
here’s a pic of the bag for those not on ravelry - if I shouldn’t be doing this I’m sorry. it belongs to lvandewater on ravelry.


I’m sorry- I don’t remember the brand of yarn… I did a quick swatch to check to see which of my yarns would felt… then, knitted a purse and felted it- it was about 3 years ago-- so, that’s been a long time and I’ve knitted and felted many projects since then. :aww: