Is it possible to felt using a front load washer…most instructions say to keep checking which you can’t really do with a front load.

Well, in a way… ‘yes’… the first knitted item I had ever felted was in a front loader. I just unplugged the machine and after a few minutes- I was able to open the door. Not sure if this is a method that you want to use, but it did work for me.

AND, I was living in a country- that only had front load washers- so, I didn’t have another choice. It wasn’t the best method to use- of course… and all my other felted items- I just knitted them and then saved them until I flew to the states, for vacation, and could use a friend’s top load washer.

Good luck. However, I do know that some people do felt- but, I know that some yarns that I’ve felted w/ are at the ‘stop felting now’ stage in 5 minutes. (I have a front load washing machine now.)

I have felted three bags now, all in my front-loading washer. My washer adds water automatically, so if there’s only a bag and a pair of jeans in there, there isn’t much water. I listen to it fill up and then time how long it agitates. Every five minutes or so I just push the pause button or the off button. The door unlocks, and I check things out. If I want to change the water, I push the spin button and listen for the water to drain out, then stop it again and restart the wash cycle or start the rinse cycle if I’m all done. My first two bags were done in less than 15 minutes. The third took longer, but it was a new yarn and a huge bag. So yes, it’s worked for me, and you should definitely at least try it.