I have just been given a brilliant book from my sister with lots of great patterns - one of which is felted slippers.
I made a pair whilst in the UK last week, and they turned out really well for a first effort!! So, I got back Wednesday night and thought as I was a bit tired from the flight yesterday I’d sit and make another pair - this time for me!
I finished them last night, and then popped them in the machine with a couple of towels to felt them… when I got them out I was SO DISAPPOINTED!!! They hadn’t felted at all, and where huge!!
So, my question (after all that rambling!!) is: is some wool better for felting than others? If so, what would you recommend?

The only thing that will felt is non washable animal fiber. If it was superwash wool or some other fiber like cotton or acrylic it won’t work. Check the label and see if it’s feltable.

If it’s superwash yarm, or yarn for machine washing, it can’t be felted

Thank you!!! So obvious to me now that you say that!! I guess I won’t be using up oddments in my wool stash that I don’t know what they are :doh:
Thanks again :cheering: