Hey all,

I am attempting make a set of felted bowls out of Magallanes wool yarn. Has anyone worked with this type of yarn & possibly know how it will felt up?

Part of my hesitation if that it goes from thick to thin so I have sections that the same, super thin to super thick. Will something like that not felt veyr well?

Thanks for the help!!!

The best way to find out how the yarn will look and react is to make a swatch and then felt it. :wink:

If the stitch size changes a whole lot and you felt it you’ll probably still see that. You might have thinner areas. Felting a swatch is a good idea. If you find that some spots are too thin for what you want you could knit it with another strand of yarn. Test a swatch of that to see if you like it and if the two yarns work well together/felt about the same speed.