I’ve just started my first felting project. I’ve got 100% wool :smiley: but I have a question- is a thickness of yarn (and size of needles) having a meaning? I mean, is better to felt project in thicker or thinner yarn?

It’s not so much the thickness of the yarn OR the size of the needles on their own, it’s the combination of the two. With felting, you want to have a much looser fabric than you would normally have for a non-felted item. So for example, if you were using a worsted weight wool yarn that normally called for a size 8 needle, for a felting project it would likely as for a size 10 or 11 with that same yarn. Alternately for example, if you were using a sport weight 100% wool yarn that normally would use a size 4 needle, a felted project using that yarn would likely ask for a size 7 or 8. Does that help??

It also depends on your knitting style. I am a really tight knitter, and the last project I did called for size 10 1/2 needles. I had to go up to a 13, because of my knitting style.

don’t know your sizes of needles!
but I have a yarn for needles 3mm and I use needles 5mm, but double yarn… (I can’t say it in English! :?? )

Are you following a particular pattern?

Here is a converstion chart. Does your pattern call for double strand?

I NEVER use a pattern, as u know :smiley: