This is all new to me. I felted my first purse last night and it looks good but I would have liked to have the felting to do more and the purse to shrink more. After three full cycles in the washer with 4 pairs of old jeans on hot water I took it out. It isn’t totally dry yet-but close. Is there any reason to put it back in and see it it will do more? Thanks.

You can certainly try to do more if that’s what you want. Some items take many cycles. I’ve also read that if you plunge it in cold water between hot cycles that helps, too. Someone also mentioned adding baking soda to the water.

Make sure the water level is low and HOT, put in one pair of old jeans, and small amount of detergent…I use a capful of wool wash, and let it go for 5-10 min. Restart if you have to. You don’t have to go through the entire cycle till your down. I also put my items in a lingerie bag.

Some yarns take longer than others, too. Is it made from 100% wool and not superwash wool?

Does anyone know if it is possible to get good felting results using a front-loading washer?

I’ll let you know on the European front loaders when I get to buy some 100% wool fiber next weekend and try my first felting project. I’m hoping it will be ok and work fine, but our washing machines are often locked when you stop them mid cycle.

Yeah, that was my concern. . . my washer does lock. Maybe I can push the cycle to the end and wait for it to unlock? I also wonder how well it will felt without the agitator in the middle that top-loaders have.

it can be done but it takes longer. i have never felted anything to the point that it looks like felt that you buy at the store. I don’t have the patience for it. but i just put a whole bunch of jeans and some old shoes and stuff in there with it. Mine can be stopped as long as it doesn’t get to the spin cycle.

so yes…if you have the time and patience you CAN do it! :thumbsup: