Felting yarn


I’m going to try my hand at felting. I have a bunch of stash in 100% wool to use up but I have a question: Lamb’s Pride is 85% wool, 15% Mohair. Does anyone know if this combo will felt? The pattern I’m using is free on Ravelry; Beginner Felted Bag by Jennifer Jakubec.


Sound like fun! According to Lamb’s Pride, this wool/mohair combination is fine for felting.


Thank you @salmonmac! I’m also using different weights of yarn so I’m thinking I should go up a couple of needle sizes when I change to a super bulky yarn?


The pattern is written for 2 strands of worsted weight on the size 11 needle. Two strands of ww is approximately equal to a bulky to super bulky yarn. Maybe you should consider that when thinking about needle size.


Ok, got it! I’ve started the bag with worsted weight held double on size 11 but considering bulky and super bulky ball bands usually call for a 13, 15, 17, I’m thinking of going up for a looser fabric to felt.


That’s really up to you and your preference as to the felted fabric. You could always try out a swatch.


I’ll post a pic of the FO when completed :wink: Thank you for your advice​:+1:t2: