Felting worries

I’m going to make a cabled felted purse from a knitting mag (Sorry don’t remember which one). I realized after doing a little math that the purse is lightly felted - the pre-felted size is only a couple inches bigger all over than the finished measurements. Will something that is lightly felted still have the stiffness of a thicker felt? I didn’t want to line it but now I’m afraid I’ll need to.
Thanks! :heart:

A lot of it really depends on the yarn you are knitting with. Some yarn takes a long time to felt into a tight fabric and does not shrink all that much where some yarn can shrink up to 50%. The best idea, if you are look to get a specific size is to knit a swatch with the yarn, take pre-felting measurement, felt it, then measure it after felting. That will help you figure out how much the yarn will felt.

If you are going for those specific measurements you’ll want to watch it very closely during felting. You might be able to get some size out of blocking it.

I’ve had some felted material that is very strong and others that has needed a lining.

I hope you are able to figure it out okay!

Interesting that they have you do cables. When I’ve felted all stitch definitiong has been obliterated. Make sure to share the photos when you get done!

I wonder if the cables are supposed to be more defined because of the “lighter felting”?

I did [color=blue]this Cleo Clutch[/color] from Spun Magazine which has cables. It shrunk about 25% widthwise and the length/height about 40% and the cabling was still pretty visible. It turned out pretty cute, enough for my mother to swipe it from me anyway, LOL!

Mmmm Krazy4Kats, that clutch is awesome! I would snatch it too! :teehee: I looked at the pics of the purse and I could still see stitch definition. I guess that’s why the cables show up. I’m just hoping it still comes out all nice and stiff. When I get it done I will definately post some pics. :thumbsup: