Felting with Peace Fleece?

I got a gift certificate for Peace Fleece for Christmas. :woot: I saw this coat in the Neiman Marcus catalog and I’m pretty sure I could make one, but it’s felted and I don’t know if I could use Peace Fleece to make it. If anyone has used it please let me know how it felted for you, if it did at all.
Thank you very much

It doesn’t really felt. My friend makes diaper covers out of it so it can be machine washed… It can felt a little bit if you really work with it, but it would be difficult.

Thank you, sorry it took so long to respond. I’m trying to get ahead in my classes so I haven’t really been online…

I ordered 4 skeins, I’m sure I’ll find something to make with them. I just saw a pattern in the January Creative Knitting, that I’m thinking I might try…