Felting with Manos question?

Hi. I just finished my Meemaw tote from the SnB book. I loved it before I felted it, but now that I am done, I am not so sure. It got all fuzzy and the colors are more muted than when I started. I also am not sure if I felted it enough… how do you know? Should it be really stiff when it is done or still a little soft, etc. Has anyone else felted with Manos?

It’s generally a good idea to felt a swatch before knitting a whole item. It can be a bummer if you spent lots of money on feltable yarn and end up with something you don’t like, but it’s an even bigger bummer to knit something up, felt it and not be able to reverse the damage.

In general, felting is done to the point where you can no longer distinguish individual stitches. You can do more or less as it suits you, but the goal is to make it look like a thick solid fabric. Some yarns will end up quite fuzzy, others less so. I had the same problem you did when I tried to felt some alpaca. In theory, you could trim off the hazy bits, but I think you are better off picking a yarn that felts the way you like.