Felting with blended Yarns- UPDATE- it worked, kinda

Hi Everyone,

I understand that you can only felt yarns made with animal fibers. However, I have a very soft alpaca, wool and silk blend yarn. (Make up is 55% wool, 25% silk, 20% alpaca). I know the silk won’t felt, but would it prevent the wool and alpaca from felting? What type of fabric would you get felting this blend? Would it look like a mess or something cool and unique? Has anyone tried it?

It should felt. Try felting a test swatch to see if you like the way it looks.

ETA: The test swatch will also let you know how long that particular yarn takes to felt, thus making felting the final project much easier!

yeah the animal fibers will felt and the silk won’t. it all depends on the yarn on how cool it will look. the swatch should show you the texture you will get.

That’s what I was thinking… I’ll do the swatch and see how it looks!

Well, here is the results to my experiment: