Felting - which way felts 'more'?

Okay, I’m making a bag/bucket thingy. It’s “square” based (ie: not round) and I was wondering will it felt more lengthways or widthways? The base is garter, and the walls will be stockingette…


I googled your question this morning because I thought I knew the answer but wasn’t sure where I had heard it. From what I found on Google, most knitted projects will shrink more lengthwise than widthwise. Of course, the swatch test is always the best indicator! xxx


I’ve always found it shrinks more vertically, like Susan says, both with garter and stockinette. It’s hard to say how much, because it depends on how thoroughly you felt it. You might want to knit around 20% more height than width, proportionally, to end up with a square, for instance. That’s if you’re going to be felting the object pretty densley. That’s a rough guess, it’s not an exact science by any means!

Thanks guys.

It’s just a bucket thingy to put on the floor next to the lounge, so the size (except for it being large) isn’t too important, I just wanted to know so I could knit extra on the base :smiley: