Felting...what can I do?

I’ve been reading about felting and finding methods online but they all seem to require a dryer. I live in a building where I’d either have to wait until I do laundry to use it or pay to use it for just the one piece I’m making.

So, my question is…what other way can I dry my pieces? My friend thought maybe a hair dryer would be okay, but I’m not sure.

Any suggestions or tips? :thinking:

The only thing you need for felting is a washer. Most felted items are blocked and left to dry. It may take a while, but if you don’t block them they’ll lose their shape.

Can I wash by hand? I’m assuming it would just take longer.

In my limited experience with felting–actually I’ve done little but read about a lot–it’s the agitation and extreme hot water of a washing machine that creates the felting. I don’t know if you could accomplish that with hand washing.

i read someplace about somebody who successfully felted without a washer - they put 2 buckets in the sink (bathtub?), one with very hot water, one with cold, then used a toilet plunger to simulate the agitation. they kept switching the item back and forth from hot to cold.

ingrid is right on the drying - you have to let it air dry after blocking it. could take a couple, three days, depending on size and thickness.

You can held felt on a washboard. I would recommend doing this with something small, though, it takes a LONG time!

I’ve never felted a thing as I’m a new knitter, but in The Knitter’s Bible by Claire Crompton the process of hand felting is described. It sounds very detatiled. They recommend doing a swatch sample, actually more than one, and comparing the results for the length of time it’s been felted. The book also describes felting by hand as a more precise method than machine felting- but the washing machine sounds way easier to me!

I hand felted a little flower one time (about the size of the palm of my hand) and it took a loooong time. :wink:

I tried to hand felt over a bar of soap…it took forever…and I never got it felted completely. I’ll just say, I’m glad I have the washer for felting :shock:

I’m thinking I’ll just stick the piece in with the laundry then. Sounds much easier even if I have to wait, lol.

Thanks everyone!