Felting stockinette bag handles

I’m making a felted bag which calls for 25" of 12 stitches in stockinette for the handle. Both ends of the handle are stitched to the bag before felting. Of course this handle has rolled. What will happen after I attached it and attempt to felt it? Will it look ok or do I need to re-knit the handles adding in a couple of stitches so that it doesn’t roll?

I think it will be just fine. It will look like a solid handle and the sides of the handles will felt together. All the bags I’ve felted called for handles using an I cord and I’m sure handles in st stitch would turn out the same.

The photo of the finished bag shows a flat handle. I hope it looks ok, I can’t see a way that it will look flat like that, but the pattern doesn’t call for anything special. It’s a free Berroco pattern: Flora

I made a Lucy bag (http://www.blackberry-ridge.com/lucybag.htm), and the bag felted faster than the handles, which are all stockinette except for the very edges. When the bag was felted perfectly, the handles still curled and were not felted enough, so I put it through another cycle. The handles came out really well, but I almost cried because the bag looked way too shrunken. I was lucky because my husband and I were able, after a lot of really strong pulling, to stretch it over a big plastic bottle that was just the right shape, but I should have watched it more carefully during the second cycle.