Felting shrinks

more horizontally than vertically, right?

If my piece is correct size vertically but too big horizontally, should I keep felting and cross my fingers that it won’t get any shorter!

Dang, just work already!!:hair:

***Never mind, I just went ahead and did it–it finished up fine and while it did shrink a little more vertically, I just pulled the heck out of it and got an extra 1/2" out of it, all I needed.

man! That was actually stressful…

I’m with you, my first felting project was a nail-biter!


As far as I know felting always shrink more vertically.

I’ve only done one felting project (in two stages: one for the bag, and one for the I-cord) and both shrank way more vertically than horizontally.

Yep, the rows usually shrink more than the stitches. :thumbsup:

I’m experimenting on an oval rug that’s done on circulars in the round…will let you know how that goes.

The wanderer in me wonders how a log cabin style item will felt??? :think: :think: :think: