Is there a general estimate of sorts used to guess how much a knitted item will shrink when felted?

And a second question I just thought of… if I’m wanting to felt a pair of baby shoes that’s made in 3 parts and then seamed together, would you recommend seaming and then felting the whole shoe at once, or felting the individual pieces and then sewing them together afterwards?

I can’t help you with percentage of shrinkage, but what felting I’ve done which is a couple of pair of slippers, they were stitched together with the yarn I knitted with and then felted. You couldn’t see the seams after felting.

Hi Angie. I live in New Brunswick, too! Bathurst. I do a lot of felted slippers. Felting shrinkage I guesstimate about 20%??? For example, I have a size 8 foot. Before felting, my slippers feel about 3 or more inches too long. I guess they would be about a ladies size 13 before felting. They look really funny. A felted helmet hat with ear flaps hangs down close to my chin before felting. Absolutely sew up your slipper before felting. I pm’d you if you would like to discuss further.

Thanks to both of you for the replies! I have this project floating around in my head to do a knitted version of the sewn baby shoes I make. Linda, I just might take you up on your offer when I get to the felting point. Thanks!