Felting & Ribbing

I am going to make the Fuzzy Feet felted slippers from knitty. Basically all it is, is a huge sock that is felted in the end. I would like the do the cuff in a ribbed pattern, but I’m unsure whether it would still show as ribbing once felted. Does anyone know?? I have felted a cable before that did hold its shape quite nicely (although I only 1/2 felted it).

I’ve felted ribbing before, but I think it depends on the type of ribbing, and the yarn. My suggestion is to do a test swatch…then you can have a fancy coaster when you’re done :slight_smile:

Take a look at Hildie’s A bag…she purled the A and you can see the shadow of it in the bag…I bet it would work the same for felted ribbing.