Felting Questions

I am working on a project that I want to felt and I have a few questions about it:

First, I know that when you felt, the stitches sort of melt together, but I have heard that you have to fix any gaps between stitches so you don’t have a permanent hole. If you are a loose stitcher, is that okay? And if you miss a stitch, that hole would show after felting, right?

Next, after you felt, can you see the difference between a knit and purl stitch?

Finally, if you have areas where a piece of wool is a little thicker or if there is a knot in your wool, do those show after felting?

Thanks for your help! I love this site! :muah:

You’ll want to fix any dropped sts but knitting loose is actually better. I generally use size 13 needles.

During the process, you’ll want to check and stop the process when the “fabric” suits you. Usually, the difference between knit and purl is not noticeable…depends on the length of time you leave it in and the outcome is entirely up to you. In a case where you’ve done some cabling, you’d want that to be noticeable.

The thick and thin in the wool itself does not usually show up, the beauty of felting! Good luck, post some pix and have fun!