Felting questions

I woke up this morning intent on trying felting ( must have been sleep-knitting… :teehee: ) I have some left over yarn in my stash that is 55 percent wool and 45 percent acrylic - can that be used for felting?

Would it be helpful to try a swatch first?

Would it be better to work with the smallest needles possible?

How do you decide on the size to make your un-felted item - there is no way to know how much it will “shrink”, is there?

I want to make a purse that goes over my head and ends up against my hip - any suggestions on how long to make the handle?

Hope these questions aren´t silly… thanks! Karen

The wool in the yarn will shrink, but the acrylic won’t. I don’t think it will work for felting.


Thanks Ingrid - I was debating whether or not to do the entrelac, now I guess I know what I´ll be using that yarn for!!!

I´m off to bust some stash! :out:

Thanks for answering! Karen