Felting question!


I am still kind of new to the knitting stuff and I just knit a scarf and did some knit stiches on the ends but obviously it wasnt enough to keep it from rolling up. I thought I could just felt it to flatten it out, but was doing some reading and it says that only 100% wool or alpaca will felt. Is this true? Has anyone else ever felted something not wool. I think mine is 100% acrylic. (I have a feeling someone just groaned and said poor girl - she has a noodle not a scarf).

Please help!


Acrylic won’t felt, but sometimes a blend of acrylic and animal fiber will felt somewhat.

EDIT to add: Here’s a way to test your yarn to see if it will felt.

Test for felting

Acrylic won’t felt. You do need to have an animal fiber for best felting, but some blends that are mostly animal fiber do felt sometimes. Superwash wools do not felt either.

To keep stockinette from curling you need to surround your stitches with a border. Usually 5 stitches wide will work.

It won’t felt, but you can crochet around it (if you can crochet.) A row or two of single crochet will keep the piece more or less flat.