Felting Question

Or, “fulling”, actually. I have knitted two bags that I intend to felt in the washer. One is pretty big. I want to make sure that they will not stick closed in the fulling process. I see cautions about using another kind of thread in a button hole to keep it open. I want my larger bag especially to felt up very tight. Will it still be a bag when I’m done?

Yep, shouldn’t be a problem! You can check it every once in a while, but it shouldn’t felt closed.

You should be OK, just stop the washer every few minutes to check the progress. As to the buttonhole closing up, that could very well happen, a lot depends on the size of the hole. I’ve had yarn over holes close up before, but they are pretty small. The nice thing about felted yarn is that you can cut it, so if your bottonhole closes up or closes up too much for the button you want to use, you can just cut it bigger.

Thanks, guys! It’s the actual bag that I’m worried about. I just never thought about it felting shut until I read about button holes. It doesn’t have button holes.

Yep, if that pesty hole closes up you can cut it open again - the beauty of felting.

I can’t cut the body of the bag open again, though. The actual bag is what I’m worried about. Should I put something in the bag or is it okay?

are you afraid that the bag will shrink too much and be too small or that the opening will close up - don’t worry about the opening closing up and watch your bag as the shrinking process starts you will know when it is getting near done. You can also streatch it a little after washing to make it a little bigger.

As long as it shrinks evenly and doesn’t get distorted I’m fine with a lot of shrinking. In my head the tighter it shrinks the stronger and more durable it will be. I’ve made them (two of them) very huge so they can shrink a lot. I’m worried about the opening and the sides on the inside sticking together.

Don’t worry you’ll be safe! I’ve made tons of felted bags and not one of them has felted shut!

Thank you!!!

Is boiled wool felted? I have a couple of old boiled wool jackets that are a little outdated. Do they need to be felted more before I can cut them? They look felted to me.