Felting Question


I am working on my first bag/felting project. I was changing colors by cutting the old yarn and then joining in the new yarn. I got tired of this and decided to let the first color hang, join in the new, and pick up the first color when I need it again. Is this a problem when it comes to felting?

Thank you for your help!!

It might not be… as long as you’re letting it hang reeeeeeeeeeeealy loose. the first colorwork I did last summer was in a felted bag, and I didn’t let the strands hang loose enough, so the bag was tighter at the top where the 2 colors were. It actually ended up looking pretty cool (there’s a pic on KH somewhere…). Just make sure those hangy parts have felted in totally, so nothing snags on them.

I’ve never done that (let the old color hang and picking it back up) but it’s probably not going to be a problem. the only thing is the strands might catch onto another part of your piece while in the wash. but if it’s on the inside of your piece, it should be fine.

felting is pretty forgiving for a lot of things. LOL, if it wasn’t so forgiving, I would definitely NOT be able to give any of these clogs or bags away as gifts!

here’s a link to the thread that has pics of the bag… it’s the red and yellow one. it’s hard to see in the picture, so I also measured the bag; it’s only about 1 and a half inche smaller at the top where all the colors are, and you can’t even see the strands on the inside. the bag did shrink a LOT though in comparison to the non-felted dimensions.

Felted stuff will stretch some while it’s wet. I say go for it… what’s the worst that could happen???

Thank you everyone for the help!!

Hildegard, thanks for the link to the pictures as well - those bags are beautiful!!

I am hoping that if I did not leave the color strand loose enough that I will be able to do any needed damage control while the bag is still wet. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and post pictures when I’m done!!

Thanks again!!

don’t worry, it’ll be alllllll good. Just monitor the felting closely. You can stretch while you’re feliting too, if you need to.

You can also catch your old color with the new one as you bring it up. Just have the new color come up under the old one and it’ll get carried up on the inside–no loop.