Felting Question

I bought these a few weeks ago and am now wondering if they would speed up the felting process.


Would be interested in others’ opinions.

Not sure but someone has mentioned using tennis balls for help in aggitation. You might need to just do a test swatch and try them. Not sure if the fluffing agent will hamper or help. Mary

Yeah, I think someone else on here had put tennis balls in the washer with good results. I wouldn’t mind trying it. I hate having to put my jeans through all those wash cycles.

I don’t think these have any fluffing agent in them. The write-up about them says no chemicals. I’ll try it and let you know how it goes.

I wonder if those spiky balls that you can put in with your laundry to soften it instead of fabric softener would help? You know, the ones that look like dog toys… :teehee:

Then, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I, too, get tired of the strings from the jeans and have an old pair of canvas tennis shoes I use. They work great but at this point look like elf shoes, the toes have completely turned over from the shrinkage. LOL!

I use the super mega bouncy balls (the rubber balls that you can buy for 50 cents out of the bubble gum machines in the front of stores). The ones I use are the big ones. I thrown 7 of them in with my item in a pillowcase, and it takes two cycles to felt.

Before I used them, I just used jeans and they were fading horribly AND it took about 6 cycles to felt.

I figure I am saving energy this way. AND it isn’t hurting my machine at all.

A couple things. First off, years and years ago a man who ran a coin laundry told me that softners were used to keep lint from forming. The stuff in softner binds on the yarns or threads not allowing them to release the tiny pieces that come off from the heat. He said that clothing releasing its lint is what caused the clothing to not be soft and on top of that static. The balls don’t have anything in or on them, I believe the idea is that the spiky things prevent the lint from coming off the clothes. So with that being said, I don’t see why not.

Secondly, I just read the new Consumer reports which did a softner review and the balls got the worst review of them all so don’t hold out much hope on how well they work. I think plain old Bounce sheets came in second to one of the liquid softners.

Those are exactly what I’m talking about! And they worked great. I still threw in a pair of jeans, just in case, but the felting took much less time than it did for the same items a week ago with just the jeans. From now on I’ll leave the jeans out.

I hate to disagree with Consumer Reports, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the balls. I really didn’t think they would cut out the static electricity like softener does, but they do. And I don’t have to keep throwing away things like the fabric sheets or softener bottles.

Honestly you don’t need them at all just chuck a pair of jeans or some of your other washing to it and it will do the same job.I do it all the time with no problems.