Felting Question

:thinking: I have knitted and felted a purse that I LOVE! However, after felting, it shrunk too shallow (my wallet won’t even fit)! I have attached a pic of the purse…it’s 12" long, 4" deep, and 3 3/4" tall.

:happydance: SO…I thought I would knit and felt a flap and sew it onto the top of the purse. My question is: I knitted the purse using two strands of yarn and I am knitting the flap using one strand (because I don’t have much left after making the purse). Does anyone know if the flap knitted with one strand will shrink smaller than it would if it were knitted with two strands of yarn? PLEASE HELP!!! :smiley:

The felt hats I knit using one strand are smaller than the ones I knit with two.

Maybe what you really need is a new wallet! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Debbie and Kemp! I sooooo appreciate your replies! I think I’ll just use a smaller wallet! This is my first felting project and, as I’ve heard, the finished product is always a surprise! Gosh…I love this place! :cheering: :heart: :cheering: :heart: :cheering: :heart: