Felting question

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I have been knitting for some and have done a some felting and know a little bit about it. My question is; has any one knitted an item with different brands of wool yarn and had success with the felting? I have some merino that I had hand spun and bits of Lambs Pride and Cascade 220 that I want to knit up into a messenger bag and felt it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.[/COLOR][/FONT]

I’ve never felted with different yarns, because I’m afraid that they wouldn’t felt the same. So I would be hesitant to do it, especially with some of them being commercial and some not being commercial. However, I know that if you felt it in a sink or something with hot water and your hands agitating it, instead of the washing machine, you have greater control of how much felting occurs. It’s possible that you could try that, and agitate the less felted portions more… However, that’s just a suggestion and I can’t speak from personal experience :shrug: Good luck!

I’ve never felted myself, but I would think that if you had enough yarn to spare, you could knit one test swatch with the different yarns you want to use and felt that to see what happens.

I have felted purses before using either Patons or Lion wool mixed with Moda Dea Cache and they felted beautifully. I would probably do a swatch to make sure though. HTH,