Felting question

If I felt a knitted square and all the stitches “melt” together, can I cut it like processed felt pieces bought from Walmart or the like, and not be worried about it coming apart, unravelling, or doing anything unsavory of the sort?

Yes, the stitches will hold! I’ve had to cut felted items and have had no problem with unraveling.

I whipped up a second little purse/makeup bag last night, using the rest of my peruvian wool and the novelty yarn knitted together, one strand of each. After felting, the item is limp. :pout:

How do you get the felting to be more robust, to be thicker, like some of the really cute purses I’ve seen in the knitting stores? :?? Some of them seem to stand on their own and just are substantial items.

Should I use a double strand of the pure wool, and not knit in the novelty yarn, which doesn’t felt at all? Or do I just need to keep felting it?

Any ideas? Many thanks!! :heart:

you could try felting again to see if it helps but I would use two strands of wool next time. Good luck!

Thanks all - I’ll do the double strand next time, and maybe chunkier wool too.

make sure the major fiber is natural, not mostly novelty Yarn
the wool/natural fibers are what felts and makes the fiber tight

Just my 2c


Thanks, I think I should have used two strands wool to one strand novelty yarn. Always learning! :cheering: