Felting Question

Dear Ones,

I made the little clutch from Oneskein out of some Cascade 220 I had in my stash and felted it last night. However, it came out with ridges and felted very unevenly. I think I just didn’t have enough in the washer with the clutch ( I put in a tennis shoe and a towel for friction.)

The clutch is just the right size but I was wondering about getting the rest of the stitch lines out and getting rid of the creases by running it through one more cycle. Will it shrink into nothing if I do? Or simply finish the felting process?


Did you knit it garter stitch? If so, the creases you’re seeing won’t really go away. (At least they never have for me.)

If not, give it another go in the wash–just try a shorter cycle just in case. You might also try throwing in a pair or two of jeans to really get the friction going.

I knit it in the round so it’s stockinette. I took the plunge and threw it back in for another cycle and while it didn’t get much smaller, there are still stitch lines and creases from the first cycle.

I have learned much from this small clutch:

  1. So far my fave yarn to felt is Galway. One cycle and not a stitch to be seen

  2. Gotta add more stuff in the felting – towels or jeans to absorb the impact of the tennis shoe.

  3. Next time I’m going to cast on this purse with waste yarn and either use a 3 needle bind off or a kitchner stitch for the bottom edge.

  4. I’m gonna add a couple of rows to the top for more handle.

That’s it and I’m glad it was a skein of yarn I had around for a long time.

One other thing is that one skein of Cascade 220 is not enough for this project. I made it 2 rows shorter than the pattern called for and I still had only enough yarn to bind off by a hair and had to use another kind of yarn to finish the bottom edge!

Ok, enough early morning rambling – time to get my kids off to school!


Definitely more friction, that’s for sure! I use two old pairs of jeans that I have no chance of ever wearing again. They work like a charm as felting friction makers!

Ooh, just thought of something: I’ve had the lines stay in the felted object if I didn’t use large enough needles. Did that happen maybe? :thinking:

I’ve never felted Cascade 220. I know Lamb’s Pride felts beautifully, as does WOTA (Wool of the Andes) from KnitPicks.

Sorry your project didn’t turn out exactly as planned, but you sound upbeat and have embraced the experience as a chance to learn. Good for you! :thumbsup: