Felting Question

I am a first time felter! My project is still on the needles at the moment, but I have a question. When something felts, does it tend to shrink more vertically or more horizontally (or both equally)?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

I think that it really depends on what yarn you are using - some is easier to felt and some takes a lot longer, some shrinks a lot more than others as well. The beauty of felting, however, is that as long as you watch your item closely to make sure it doesn’t shrink too much, the blocking process afterwards can make a huge difference - it is amazing how much you can stretch and tweak a still-wet felted item.

Good luck!!

ya, a lot depends on the yarn, and SWATCH!!!

I have found with the things however that I’ve felted that it has shrunk more length wise than width wise.

THat was with the Lambs Pride Bulky

The few things I’ve felted (usually in stockinette) tended to shrink more vertically (i.e. height-wise).


I’ve only ever used WOTA from KnitPicks and it depends on your yarn. but mine shrinks much more vertically.