Felting question

I have never felted anything before, this is my first time. I have a bag blocking and drying right now. It was Hugh when knitted, and after felted is a nice size. I am pretty happy with it. My question is it is real fuzzy, it was made with knit picks wool of the Andes worsted weight very nice and thick and sturdy. Do you take a sweater shaver to remove some of the fuzziness?

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Pretty colors! I’ve found most felted things kind of fuzzy, too. You can try a sweater shaver, but I’m not sure how well it works or if it won’t just get fuzzy again.

Drying? As in blocking/lay flat to dry? Static felts fuzz. A quick dry trip through a dryer with an acrylic piece would get matted down. Maybe a little patting to help.

I do that with my Alpaca Cloud hat that is fuzzy. It has some fuzz the next time I lay it flat to dry so I repeat the static treatment.

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Here it is strap is blocking now, bag is dry. My daughter wanted the strap long to wear across so bag strap will not fall off shoulder.

She will get a wooden button she wants.

:blush: she likes it!


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Both the strap and the bag look wonderful! You’ve done the flap bind off perfectly.

It’s beautiful!! :heart_eyes:

Thank you!

I cant help you sorry. I want to say this is beautiful, you have done a wonderful job :heart: