Felting Question for Crochet

I want to make some felted cuff bracelets to use with my big cymbal disk beads and was wondering…

When felting a crocheted piece, is it better to use a bigger crochet hook (looser starting piece) or smaller (tighter)?

I’ve been messing around with this today and I’m having a heck of a time getting it right.

Also, does it matter what direction the sts go in the end? A long chain with a small # of rows -vs- a short ch crocheted over and over again…

Am I making sense?


This is kind of what I’m thinking of. You can also go to Kerry’s May blog (she has a link) to see more. BTW, Kerry’s an AMAZING artist. You gotta check out her stuff. She’s my hero!

Thanks everybody!

PS: I see a giveaway here in the future when I finally get it right!:woot:

I would guess it’s similar to knitting - it generally felts more if you make it looser on larger needles/hook. I haven’t tried felting crochet (yet), though!