Felting Q

I want to knit the Little Monster Bear in the 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders book, but have never felted before. It says to put it in a pillowcase to felt. Can I put more than one in the pillowcase and felt several at the same time?

Lynda M

I don’t see why not. But be aware that if they are different colors they might bleed on to one another.

Yes, you can! Those mesh bags they sell in the dollar stores for lingerie will work, too. Have fun, good luck and I’d love to see the finished stuff! Mary

The reason you want to use a pillow case is to keep the loose fibers contained. washing machines can get gunked up by the wool that is “shed” during the agitation process. I always end up with a nice collection of leftover yarn in the bottom of my pillow case. If you use a lingerie bag as HollyP suggested, make sure you get one with VERY small holes or no holes at all. I have had a few times when the strap to my felted bags have stuck together a bit, but they easily pull apart. I would think if you are felting several little bears at once that they might “velcro” together during the process, but could easily be pulled apart with no harm.

I’ve done several felted purses and I felt the straps and pockets separate. I had them all clump together once and it was impossible to separate them (a project ruined). Also, someone mentioned about different colors. You would be amazed at how bad the wool bleeds. My rinse water is usually the same color as the yarn. I would be careful.

I just read where someone uses the Shout Color Catcher sheets when felting to “absorb” the colors and prevent bleeding. She said it works like a charm. I’m definitely going to try that next time.

Thanks, very much, Wanda, for passing on this tip for felting! :muah: