Felting problem

so i finished up a project and i got all excited and felted it!

but…it shrunk a little toooooo much. is there anything i can do for it?

what is it that you felted?

you can stretch it a wee bit over something that is the correct size

its a small purse

if i just put it on somthing with pins on the size will it work or do i have to steam it or something

Once it’s felted, that’s what you’re left with i’m afraid…

Although yes, you can “Block” it with steam or get it damp and try stretching it into shape and it just might give a tad.

That reminds me of a lovely wool sweater I got about 15 years ago and man, I loved it for the first day I wore it. Then I washed it (This was way before I knitted or I would have known.) and it shrunk down to a teeny tiny size. I held onto it for a year before I finally said, Why are you doing this? So finally, I tossed it.