Felting Problem

I have felted numerous projects in the past using Lamb’s Pride Bulky 85% wool/15% mohair. For the project I am doing right now, I couldn’t get the color I wanted in Lamb’s Pride so the yarn shop lady suggested I use Briggs & Little 100% wool. I am in the middle of felting a bowl right now that I used Briggs & Little yarn to make. It is not working!!!
Has anyone used Briggs & Little for a felting project with good results? I have tried all that I know to do and it is not working.

How long have you been trying to felt it? I know that sometimes plied yarn takes a little more to felt then unplied.

I don’t know that yarn, it isn’t superwash is it? What color is it?

I have been agitating/felting for about 45 minutes. It is still going so I will try to be patient.
I also tried immersing it in very cold water and then back into the hot for more agitating. I’ll keep it going for a while longer.

I just googled it a bit, so you might want to do that to to see what others think of it, but there is a very mixed review out there. Some say it doesn’t felt at all, others say it felts beautifully so I’m not sure I can help at all :shrug: