Felting oopsie- help?

i doubled the pattern for the black sheep booga bag [i think it’s black sheep. or something like that] and finished it. when i felted it today, i pulled it out of the washer and it was stuck together.:waah:
i managed to pull it apart, but in all the felting stuff i’ve heard, no one told me it would stick together like that.

is there anything i can do for next time to make sure it doesnt stick together?

How long did you felt it? I always check every 5-10 min and that way I can pull it apart of necessary and see how it looks. If you put it in and left it I can see that happening. :think:

thats probably why. i only stopped it i think twice, and it was in there for like a half hour or so. just wanted to make sure there isnt something like major i was supposed to do- like stick something in between it. thanks :slight_smile: