Felting & needle size

Okay… so here’s my dilemma.

I’m about to knit something to felt.

The actual wool calls for 4mm needles, now I’m actually converting a normal knit pattern to felt. So…

Will 5mm needles be a better size so that the stitches have somewhere to shrink to?

Also, it’s a bag, so do I need to put something inside it to prevent the two sides from felting together?

You might want to knit up a swatch and test felt it… make yourself some niiiice pretty coasters! My rule of thumb is to start with needle sizes that are at least 2 sizes bigger. Just remember to check the felting process frequently.

Noope, don’t need to put anything int he bag… when you check just run your hand in the inside to seperate antying that might stick–but it won’t felt together.

good luck! :thumbsup:


Should I go change these 5mm for 6mm ones then?