Felting & needle size question

I just went to my LYS this weekend and bought a pattern to make a felted bag. The owner (who I adore) helped me get everything I would need to make it. I’ll be making it with Malabrigo yarn - the owner told me to hold this thin sock yarn with it just to add support to it and give it a bumpy feel when I felt it. I’m good with all that - the pattern called for size 15 needles - got them.

I got home and looked and I dont care for the pattern as much as I do for the pattern “Ayla” on Knitty - the backpack. I’m not going to do the flower but make it solid but I like the shape of that bag - but that pattern calls for 10 1/2 needles.

So now, I’m confused. Should I still use the 15’s or use the 10 1/2? Is it possible to have it too loose or too tight when felting a project? I guess that’s my main question. Help! I really want to get started on this.


hmm… I use size 13 or 15 when I’m knitting worsted yarn double stranded to felt.

I took a quick look at the Ayla Pattern, and it calls for just one strand of Cascade 220 to be knitted up on 10 1/2s. Malabrigo is thicker, plus you have another strand of yarn held with it. So the 13s or 15s are a good choice. I’m working on a to-be-felted cat bed (Kitty Pi) with Lamb’s Pride scraps…I’m using 13s and one strand of Bulky or double-stranded worsted.

Thanks - I’ll use the 15’s then. I just didn’t want it to be “hole-y” after I felted it - but if I just keep putting it through the felting cycle, will it just keep felting up?

I guess I’m nervous because a friend of mine felted up a diaper bag and her stitches were soooo loose and when she felted it - it was a disaster - it was so thin and wouldnt hold one diaper without buckling.

I spent $95 getting all the materials for this bag - I just want it to come out right! I’m sure you all can relate!