Felting more than one bag

I have a question about felting bags. When I felted my clogs I put them both into the same pillowcase and I was wondering if I could do that with 2 bags. The bags are the same colors but they have different designs (a skull on one and a heart on the other) on them. I was wondering if that would be a problem or should I put them each in their own pillowcase.

Thanks a bunch !!!

:thinking: If it were me, I’d put each one in their own bag…I would be too afraid the colors would run.

If they were different colors, I’d be concerned with lint from one sticking on the other, but since they’re the same color, I don’t see a problem.

Thank you both !!!

are they knit with the same yarn (as well as the same colors) and the same needles? If not they may felt at different rates which COULD be easier to deal with in two different pillow cases but that has more to do with convenience than anything else for me.

Yes they are both knitted with the same needles and the same kind of yarn. I just changed the picture on one of them.

Here is a link to what I am working on:

I made the purse blue and the skull a fuschia looking color. I also am making another one using the same pattern with a heart on it.