Felting merino

Why am I having such a hard time felting two strands of merino wool? I keep trying to felt it together but it’s just not working. Is there something special about this wool that I should know? I’ve felted wool in the past and haven’t had a problem but for merino, I just can’t seem to get it. :??

what color is it? i don’t know anything really about felting as i haven’t gone there yet but from my understanding some colors don’t felt or won’t felt as well…like white.

Some wools take longer to felt than others. If it’s 100% wool, I can’t imagine it won’t felt! :shock: You can try fraying the ends first for a stronger bond. You’re doing a join? If it’s giving you grief, you may want to just go with weaving in the ends; I often do that with my more sheer-looking wools like merino, because the felting dulls them and the join can show.

thanks guys! It is white so maybe that’s the problem. :thinking: I think I’m just going to weave them in as I’ve tried about 5 times now and haven’t had any luck.