Felting issues

Hi all,

Recently I felted a bag and two pairs of mittens, each in their own pillow case. Specifically, the bag was in one, and each pair of mittens were in two others. I had to send them through the hot wash and cold rinse cycle twice, due to a door-lock malfunction, and one of the pairs of mittens shrank so much and fused together on the inside.

My question is what can I do about the fusing together part? I could give them away to a child, but no one can get their hands inside to wear them. Any suggestions for next time, regarding the fusing part?

Did you check them during the felting? I check every 5-10 min to check for sizing, felting, sticking together, etc.

If you check them you can watch for sizing as some yarns felt faster than others. You can also make sure they aren’t felting together and stick something in them (wooden/plastic spoon?) to tease apart any fibers that are attempting to stick.

Unfortunately, I was using a front-load washer, and the door lock mechanism wouldn’t open after the first cycle, which is why I had to send it through again.

Previously, I used a top loader, which worked great.

Oh I see. That issue would make me think twice about replacing my old washer with a front loader. Well since you can’t check you might send the items through one cycle and then use the dryer if you need to do a little more. That way you can check occasionally.

As for the felting together… I guess you could try putting something non-felting in the mitten… like a piece of cotton fabric or something. Not sure if it would work, but it’s worth a try. :shrug: