Felting is addictive

Here is a second purse, Booga bag in Noro.

Nice! Do you live in an area where they bags dry well? We discovered my husbands boot dryer makes a great felted bag dryer!

Mama Bear

very nice! I’ve just completed my first felted bag - a lucy bag. I can’t wait to make more felted stuff! Now all I need to do is get some time to knit / make the stuff!

Those Noro yarns are my favorites!! I just love their color combinations. I’ve knitted two bags with Noro and felted them. :XX:

I have another bag planned with different brand wool to see how that felts. Yes, bags and felting are addictive!! :happydance:

Yes… I live in a desert of sorts… but now I’m curious, what is a boot dryer???

The bag looks great…I really like those colors!

I think that is the same colors that my mom picked out! We both got Noro yarn this past weekend… I’ve knitted the bottom, but I’m having problems figuring out how to pick up the stitches and knit twisted stiches? Any suggestions?

Your bag looks beautiful! I can’t wait to finish mine so I can felt it and use it!


:smiley: Great looking bag…love that colorway :thumbsup:

Ooooo pretty! I haven’t tried Noro yet!

Very very nice!

Ohh gorgeous! :inlove: Love the colors! :thumbsup:

Very nice!