Felting intarsia

Has anybody felted anything with intarsia on it? I was wondering how things might look once they were felted.

I haven’t done it, but I’ve seen patterns for bags that had intarsia on them and they looked great.

The knitting teacher at my LYS has an intarsia felted bag that she uses every single day, and it’s BEAUTIFUL! You can still see the color work, and it looks great :woot:

ok, i have to ask.

HOW do you do Intarsia method w/out it looking pretty bad??? i had a lot of gaps (regardless of twisting the yarn together) and ended up just starting over (course the cats marking the front of the sweater helped with my decision to just start over)

I knit myself a Hipster a while back, but without the star motif. The only part that didn’t felt as well as I would have liked was the cast-on edge (the very top of the bag when you have it open). My stripes went wonky at that edge, and you can see it in the Knitty version’s photo as well. It’s as if the whole cast-on edge shifted over one or two stitches. Other than that, the intarsia felted just fine.


Yes! I’ve posted two FO’s on here of felted intarsia projects.

The most important thing I learned while doing these two projects was that if you’re stranding your non-working yarn across the contrasting color areas, you need to snip the strands before (or shortly after) you start felting. The strands shrink at a different rate than the stitches and if you don’t snip them, your colored areas will pucker pretty badly. If you’re concerned about the knitting unravelling, throw it in the wash for a few minutes first to let it felt just a little bit. Then you can snip with confidence. Just keep an eye on it and don’t let it get to far, or you’ll make more work for yourself.