Felting i-cord question

I’m making my first felted bag (the booga bag) and it says to make an icord for the handles. It says how long to make them, but not how thick. Instructions I’ve read say 3-5 stitches for i-cord, but I know felting shrinks things, so should I use more stitches so my handle is thicker? TIA

I’ve made quite a few boogas with 5 stitch i-cord. They are pretty thick that way and look quite nice. Also the icord stretches a bit after it felts and when you put stuff in the bag and pick it up by the straps. So thicker would be better, in my opinion.

Hope this helps,


Sometimes when I want the i-cord to be bigger, instead of adding more stitches I double up the yarn. I haven’t felted an i-cord, but I don’t know why it wouldn’t felt if you made it with double thread. You may want a bigger needle to work with so it won’t be too tight before felting.