what is felting anyway??? i looked through the entire site but found no felting instructons or an explanation of what it is… somebody help please cuz it sounds nice!

Felting is really just shrinking the wool. Most of us have done this accidentaly at one point or another. This is done on purpose. Most items to be felted are knit loosely, much larger than the finished product. Then it’s placed in a net bag or pillow case in the washing machine with other items added (like jeans) for agitation in hot water. The wool shrinks and thickens. It can only be done with wool and other natural animal fibers, but wool generally works best.

ohhhhhhh…i knew that. :lol:

how much bigger do you have to make it??? like is there an exact measurement??? thanks. :XX:

So much depends on what yarn you use and the size of your needles. What I would suggest is that you find a fun pattern for a bag that you like and knit that…it will give you a better idea than anything we could tell you.


ooohhh yeah i found the highland wool felted bag pattern in the free pattern section!!! i think i will make that.