Felting Help?

I am knitting wool diaper covers for my daughter (using 100% merino)and want to try felting them. Once they have been washed, dried, and shrunk will they then be machine washable, or should I continue by hand? I’ve only ever felted by accident, so any other tips will be much appreciated!

Felted items are not machine washable. You will have to continue by hand - though I have heard that with diaper covers, unless they are soiled they do not need to be washed, just aired out. Weird, hey?

They only need to be washed when they get stinky, or if poo gets on them… wool is so magical. I was hoping against hope I might be able to toss them in the wash though. Nuts.

Can anyone recommend a good wool wash? I’ve been using Ivory and it doesn’t seem to be cutting it.