Felting help

I just attempted felting with Burly Spun by Brown Sheep company and it looks extremely bad. I could not find detailed instructions on how to do it until it was to late and all I did was put the item in the wash with a couple of tbs of baking soda per a site I googled. I didnt know about the whole pillow case thing and my item looks really messy. Is it supposed to look bad, is there something else I should do to it after it drys to remove the major lint that built up on top. Please help

is the only problem that it has lint? it is likely you could shave it when it dries or use a lint brush.

Also while the item is still damp, you’ll want to block it to shape. For example, here is a booga blocking over a plastic-bag covered large shoe box.

You might be right. Shaving may be all I need. I was wondering though if maybe putting it in the pillow case would have solved that problem all together. If not what is the purpose of putting the item in the pillow case?

I think the pillow case serves to prevent wool lint from getting all over the washer and to avoid lint from the washer from getting on the felted item. Some wool felts into a very hairy fabric, but it can be shaved off.

How in the world do you shave felt??

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Believe it or not, you can use a regular old disposable. There are fancier things out there, more for shaving pills, but good old Bic does the job.

That sounds so goofy! I’m definately going to have to try it sometime…

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Wife replies with a shrug, “Oh, I shaved today.”

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Ive not acutally done any felting as of yet, Im working on some pieces of a pumpkin to felt now. But…

the pillowcase thing…it helps with the lint but what I have also read is that it helps the peice from getting strecthed out of shape too badly. Wet wool is heavy and something like a purse strap could get wrapped around the agitatar and become twice the length. The pillow case or a large mesh lingere bag can avoid this.

Good luck.

Yep, I use the pillow case to avoid stretching and because we have a septic system and I don’t want to clog it with fuzz. Or to have the washer hose get clogged, either.