Felting - help please!

I am sorry if this is posted somewhere else, but I didn’t find it and I am ready to start felting :slight_smile:

I understand that I need to check it until it is felted the way I like it … but what I am not clear on is:
do I continue with the rest of the cycles - rinse and spin? Or do I just take it out and rinse it and the sink and then dry between towels?

thanks for the help!

i havent felted yet. buuuuuuuut i have read a bit about it as my next project (among many! :oops: ) is felted booties for my dd… and its recomended to not spin and rinse. just remove after the HOT wash cycle (little soap&jeans or other to aggitate) and rinse with warm water (cold can shock the fibers) and then gently wrap with towels if it has felted enough and squeeze to dry. :shrug: i hope thats helpful!

Use hottest water available with water on low setting. Toss in a pair of jeans and a tiny bit of detergent. Check every 5-10 min to see how it’s doing. Keep resetting washer till it’s done. THEN you can either take it out and rinse by hand or let it finish in the washer. I’ve done both and it worked fine both ways. It dried quicker in the washer though.