Felting Help needed

Okay, I’ve put the slippers through the washer twice. they are the perfect size…but…

They are really fuzzy ( I think that’s what I mean). They look like they need a good shave before giving. Is there something I’ve done wrong or need to do to get rid of this extra fuzziness. This is definitely not how they look in the picture in Tracy Ulman’s book.

I used Jumbo Merino (from Knitting Fever) which is 100% merino wool

You can shave it with a disposable razor or one of those sweater shaver things. I just usually use a disposable and either stuff it so it’s a little firmer or put my hand against it on the inside and then lightly shave til I like the way it looks.

it is probably the yarn that caused the fuzzy.

It’s definitely a yarn cause rather than a felting technique cause. Some yarns just felt fuzzy.

Single blade razors will help solve the problem! They work perfectly!