Felting FO

So I’m almost done with a hat that I’m making for a Xmas gift (lol). The pattern involves white (Caron’s). I’ve never felted in my life. How does it work with a washing machine? About how much will it shrink? Will the colors bleed into the white? Additionally, I wasn’t expecting to felt this FO, but it looks too big to wear as a hat. When I switched colors, I created knots with the old yarn, and left little room (meaning, I didn’t weave the ends in, and I’m afraid if the remaining loose yarn, which is very little, might shrink to the point tht it unlocks from the st it’s hold)–if that makes sense.

Is the yarn wool? Only wool or another natural fiber will felt. Even bleached wool (white) will have trouble felting.

No, it’s acrylic :frowning:

Oh no… yep only a fiber with high animal content will felt.